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PROX-SVERS® Catalyst Support Media

For over 50 years, PROX-SVERS® INERT CATALYST BED SUPPORT BALLS have set the benchmark of excellence for ceramic and alumina catalyst bed support balls. The PROX-SVERS® family of inert catalyst bed support balls has grown to protect all varieties of catalysts and adsorbents and consists of four products:

Ceramic Balls

T-38 PROX-SVERS® Ceramic Balls
T-38 PROX-SVERS® are Christy’s premium grade inert ceramic support media. They contain a higher alumina content than any other ceramic support balls on the market, allowing them to be used in applications with operating temperatures up to 2500 °F (1370 °C). The unique T-38 microstructure provides excellent thermal and pressure shock resistance; in fact, the proprietary formula of T-38 results in the highest physical properties of any ceramic support ball world-wide.  Use T-38 in your most demanding applications where other ceramic balls don’t work.

T-86 PROX-SVERS® Ceramic Balls
T-86 PROX-SVERS® ceramic support balls are Christy’s industrial grade inert ceramic support media. They are used as catalyst support in a variety of applications in refineries, synthesis gas and other petrochemical processes, with installations around the world. Common applications includes adsorbent or desiccant beds, desulfurization, or hydroprocessing.

Alumina Balls

T-99 PROX-SVERS® Alumina Balls
T-99 PROX-SVERS® alumina balls, composed of high purity, sintered alpha-alumina with very low silica levels are an excellent choice for steam reforming in synthesis gas production or other high temperature applications where the presence of high water partial pressures can cause silica leaching.

The low level of other impurities such as iron, titania and alkalis make T-99 alumina balls an excellent choice for supporting adsorbents used to purify reactive monomers such as ethylene, propylene, and styrene.

The ultra low porosity, very high density and outstanding thermal shock resistance of T-99 alumina balls make them ideal for regenerative burner and filtering media for the metals industry.

T-46 PROX-SVERS® Alumina Balls
T-46 PROX-SVERS® alumina balls are formulated specifically for the synthesis gas industries to prevent silica leaching in the presence of high water partial pressures. T-46 has an excellent 50 year track record of service in the ammonia industry.

Christy’s CATA-COGS™ are specialty hold down and support media which can dramatically reduce pressure drop in reactors such as Water Shift Converters due to their significantly increased void fraction when compared to ceramic or alumina balls. CATA-COGS™ are available in both our 99% alumina and ceramic formulations.

We manufacture our ceramic and alumina PROX-SVERS in both the U.S. and China.

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Purification of Monomers and other Reactive Chemicals


Selecting catalyst bed support media for high purity monomers and other reactive chemicals can be tricky.

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