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Ceramic Balls

T-38 and T-86 PROX-SVERS® ceramic balls, composed of high purity ceramic materials from the United States and China, give our clients the best of both worlds.

T-38 PROX-SVERS® Ceramic Balls
T-38 PROX-SVERS are Christy’s premium grade inert ceramic support media. They contain a higher alumina content than any other ceramic support balls on the market, allowing them to be used in applications with operating temperatures up to 2500 F (1370 C). The unique T-38 microstructure provides excellent thermal and pressure shock resistance; in fact, the proprietary formula of T-38 results in the highest physical properties of any ceramic support ball world-wide.  Use T-38 in your most demanding applications where other ceramic balls don’t work.

T-86 PROX-SVERS® Ceramic Balls
T-86 PROX-SVERS ceramic support balls are Christy’s industrial grade inert ceramic support media. They are used as catalyst support in a variety of applications in refineries, synthesis gas and other petrochemical processes, with installations around the world. Common applications includes adsorbent or desiccant beds, desulfurization, or hydroprocessing.


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