• Prox-Svers T-86
  • prox-svers
  • alumina lumps
  • mass transfer media
  • hexagonal target tile


Versatility? Christy could have invented the word. Starting with just a few silica and alumina raw materials, adding some engineering know-how and ingenuity, and harnessing the power of fire, Christy has developed a dazzling array of ceramic and refractory products for the industry.

For fixed-bed catalysis and adsorption, PROX-SVERS® inert ceramic and alumina bed supports have been industry standards since 1952.

Christy’s CUSTOM-CRAFTED™ hexagonal alumina tiles represent the ultimate in reactor toppings when packed-bed stability in turbulent or high velocity environments is the problem.

Vacuum formed burner blocks from Christy, of all shapes, sizes, and mounts, can be custom-fabricated to your specifications.

Firebrick? Until 1986, that was our middle name (Christy Firebrick Company)! We have it in all shapes, sizes, densities, and duties: Domes, tongue-and-groove bricks, peep sites: you name it, Christy can do it!

Christy covers the full spectrum of reactor internals. With our extensive supplier contacts. let us be your resource for those hard-to-find products that are often needed at the last minute. The links to the left will lead to further product descriptions.

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