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Ethanol Solutions PROX-SVERS

Mole Sieve Ballast For Ethanol Mole Sieve Driers

There are many reasons why over 100 vacuum-swing ethanol driers use Christy PROX-SVERS® Ceramic Bed Support Balls for their MOLE SIEVE BALLAST.

The most obvious is that the rapid pressure swings cycles can abuse the mole sieve media and even fluidize the entire bed causing attrition and loss of proof.

Christy T-38 and T-86 PROX-SVERS® MOLE SIEVE BALLAST is durable, and its weight locks the mole sieve into place, so it can do its job and last for years.

For extreme conditions where beds have been "flipped", consider the high-density T-99 PROX-SVERS® ALUMINA BALLS or even CUSTOM-CRAFTEDTM HEXAGONAL TARGET TILES for added stability.

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