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Hexagonal Target Tile

Hexagonal Target Tiles

Christy's CUSTOM-CRAFTEDTM Hexagonal Target Tiles are now used in over 50 ammonia plant secondary reformers. While being specified by KBR in their process, the tiles are also used in any design such as Haldor Topsoe or Uhde reactors with a central riser.

Made of low silica alumina refractory mix, the hexagonal target tiles lock in to each other to provide very high lateral stability in the face of turbulent gas velocities. The extremely durable 99% alumina formula also provides superb erosion resistance.

A ring of Christy's unique circle brick around the perimeter prevents gas bypass around the outside edges of the hexagonal target tiles array.

Most recently, Christy is pleased to introduce HT-LC Low Corrosion Material available as both Hexagonal Target Tiles and PROX-SVERS® Support Ball.  HT-LC has been developed to resolve high temperature corrosion in Secondary Reformers and ATRs.

HT-LC Hex-Tiles and PROX-SVERS are manufactured using a proprietary, low corrosion metal oxide formulation which resolves the corrosion of Al2O3, SiO2, K2O and Na2O contained in 99% alumina materials from exposure to the high temperature process gas.  Once corroded, these materials deposit downstream either in the catalyst bed or in the waste heat boiler leading to reduced efficiency and shut down.  HT-LC is the solution to this problem.

In addition to enhanced corrosion resistance, Christy’s HT-LC formulation provides superior catalyst hold down due to their 60% higher density compared to 99% Al2O3 materials.  Alternatively, the height of HT-LC hex-tiles can be reduced to maintain an equivalent Hex-Tile weight and reduce cost.

HT-LC Hex-Tiles are available in the same sizes and configurations as HT-95 and HT-99 including Standard, Jumbo and Super Jumbo Hex-Tiles as well as Circle Brick for installation around the perimeter of the vessel.  HT-LC PROX-SVERS are available as 38, 50 and 76 mm diameter balls.

Follow the below links for further information on the STANDARD, JUMBO, and SUPER JUMBO sizes of Christy's CUSTOM-CRAFTEDTM Hexagonal Target Tiles.

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